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Question 1

People Skills – Team CompositionAssume you are managing the system testing execution phase of a project.The system test execution period for that project is scheduled for eighteen weeks and therelease date is scheduled at the end of system testing.During the sixth week of system test execution, at the staff meeting, the project managerinforms you that the project deadlines are changed and the release date that is only threeweeks ahead.This new release will not allow the completion of the system tests. Suppose also that youhave followed a risk-driven test approach for this project.Which of the following statements represents the worst way to lead your test team in thenext three weeks?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit

A. Neglect your management activities and work side-by-side with your test team executing tests 
B. Considering the executed tests, you should reduce the test coverage back on the risk analysis and adjust downward the priority of the associated risk items 

Answer: A

Question 2

People Skills – Team CompositionAn agile development team decides to hire a tester who has always worked:- in independent test teams, reporting the problems found in a defect tracking system- in safety-critical projects, with a stronger focus on the quality of the product than on timeand budget.This agile team is focused on short-term goals to get the product released on time andwithin budget.Which of the following answers would you expect to be most likely true in this scenario?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit

A. Agile teams like the presence of a tester in their teams and the tester will be able to adapt to the new context without any issue
B. The developers will immediately follow the guidelines described by the tester  
C. The tester can continue to report the problems found in a defect tracking system and be  more focused on the quality than on time and budget constraints
D. The tester’s mission could be to verify adherence to requirements, instead of reporting formally the problems in a defect tracking system 

Answer: D

Question 3

People Skills – Team Composition Consider the following analysis of testing skills performed on four people: Alex, Robert, John and Mark (all the skills have been rated on an ascending scale: The higher the score, the better the skill)Which of these people, based on this analysis, would you expect to be most suitable to work specifically as test designer? Number of correct responses: 1 K4 3 credits

A. Alex  
A. Alex  

Answer: B

Question 4

People Skills – Team Composition Which of the following would you expect to be most likely an example of a demotivating factor for testers? Number of correct responses: 2 K2 1 credit

A. The management asks the testers to be kept informed about the intensity, quality and results of testing
B. The testers’ recommendations to improve the system or its testability are adopted by the development team 
C. The same regressions tests are manually executed by the same testers, for every product release, without regression test tools 
D. The testers are assessed on whether and how often they detect important and critical failures 
E. Test quality is measured by counting the number of customer/user reported problems.  

Answer: C,E

Question 5

People Skills – Team Composition Which of the following would you expect to be most likely an example of a motivating factor for testers? Number of correct responses: 1 K2 1 credit 

A. The resources allocated for the testing activities are not sufficient and don’t allow the testers to contribute to the quality of the product
B. The testers contribution to the quality of the software products developed from an organization is recognized with increased responsibilities 

Answer: B

Question 6

Test Tools and AutomationIn your organization the following tools of the same vendor are currently in use: arequirements management tool, a test management tool and a bug tracking tool.You are the Test Manager.You are currently evaluating a test automation tool of the same vendor (to complete thevendor's tool suite) against an interesting open-source test automation tool under the GNUGPL (General Public License).There are no initial costs associated to that open-source tool.Which of the following statements associated to the selection of the open-source tool iscorrect in this scenario?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit

A. The open-source tool can be modified but only if the community of developers of that tool gives you the formal permission to modify it 
B. There are no initial costs for the open-source tool but you should carefully consider the costs associated to the integration with the existing tools and also evaluate the recurring costs 

Answer: B

Question 7

Test Tools and AutomationAfter a selection process you have selected a test management tool that is going beintroduced in your organization and used by your test team in a pilot project.You have already identified the member of your test team who will be the administrator ofthe tool, since he/she has a significant experience with the administration of testmanagement tools and so he/she is able to make effective and efficient up-front decisionsabout "how" the tool will be used. You have also developed a training plan for the othermembers of your test team.In collaboration with the administrator of the tool you have also devised standard ways ofmanaging, storing and maintaining the tool and its assets including backup/restoreprocedures.You have also analyzed standard formats supported by the tool (CSV, XLS, XML, etc.) toexport, import and archive all the information managed by the tool itself (requirements, testcase specifications, test plans etc.) for compliance with the most important testmanagement tools, in order to minimize the impacts of migrating this information to a newtool that could replace the existing one in the future.Which of the following phases in the lifecycle of the new tool has NOT been adequatelyconsidered in this description?Number of correct responses: 1 K2 1 credit

A. Acquisition  
B. Support and maintenance  
C. Evolution  

Answer: C

Question 8

Test Tools and AutomationAssume you are managing a test automation project for a mission-critical system.Because vendor provided tools and open source solutions don't meet the needs of thisproject, you ask your test team to develop a custom automation framework.Which of the following management issues associated to the development of this customautomation framework is least likely to manage? Number of correct responses: 1 K2 1 credit

A. Proper testing for the custom automation framework must be performed  
B. The custom automation framework will require an adequate documentation  
C. The changes to the custom automation framework should be communicated to all external users of this tool under the GNU license 

Answer: C

Question 9

Test Tools and AutomationAssume you are the Test Manager in charge of independent testing for avionicsapplications.You are in charge of testing for a project to implement three different CSCI (ComputerSoftware Configuration Item):- a BOOT-X CSCI that must be certified at level B of the DO-178B standard- a DIAG-X CSCI that must be certified at level C of the DO-178B standard- a DRIV-X CSCI that must be certified at level A of the DO-178B standardThese are three different software modules written in C language to run on a specifichardware platform.You have been asked to select a single code coverage tool to perform the mandatory codecoverage measurements, in order to meet the structural coverage criteria prescribed by theDO-178B standard. This tool must be qualified as a verification tool under DO-178B.Since there are significant budget constraints to purchase this tool, you are evaluating anopen-source tool that is able to provide different types of code coverage. This tool meetsperfectly your technical needs in terms of the programming language and the specifichardware platform (it supports also the specific C-compiler).The source code of the tool is available.Your team could easily customize the tool to meet the project needs. This tool is notqualified as a verification tool under the DO-178B.Which of the following are the three main concerns related to that open-source toolselection?Number of correct responses: 3K4 3 credits (2 credits out of 3 credits correct, 1 credit point)

A. Does the tool support all the types of code coverage required from the three levels A, B, C of the DO-178B standard? 
B. Does the tool have a good general usability?  
C. What are the costs to qualify the tool as a verification tool under the DO-178B?  
D. Is the installation procedure of the tool easy?  
E. Does the tool require a system with more than 4GB of RAM memory?  
F. Is the licensing scheme of the tool compatible with the confidentiality needs of the avionics company? 

Answer: A,C,F

Question 10

Test Tools and AutomationAssume you are a Test Manager involved in system testing of a CRM application for a PayTV company. Currently the application is able to support a proper number of users assuringthe required responsiveness. Since the business is expected to grow, you have beenasked to evaluate the ability of the application to grow to support more users whilemaintaining the same responsiveness.Which of the following tools would you expect to be the most useful at performing thisevaluation?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit 

A. Coverage tools  
B. Test management tools  
C. Static analysis tools  
D. Performance tools  

Answer: D