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Question 1

When is the PUT method used within HTTP?

A. when a nonidempotent operation is needed 
B.. to update a DNS server
C. Co display a web site
D. when a read-only operation it required 

Answer: Answer: B

Question 2

Which two HTTP methods are suitable for actions performed by REST-based APIs? (Choose two.) 


Answer: Answer: C D

Question 3

Which (unction generally performed by a traditional network device is replaced by a software-defined controller? 

A.encryption and decryption for VPN link processing
B. building route tables and updating the forwarding table
C. changing the source or destination address during NAT operations
D. encapsulation and decapsulation of packets in a data-link frame

Answer: Answer: B

Question 4

What are two purposes of HSRP? (Choose two.)

It groups two or more routers to operate as one virtual routeR.
It groups two or more routers to operate as one virtual route
It passes configuration information to hosts in a TCP/IP network.
It helps hosts on the network to reach remote subnets without a default gateway
It provides a mechanism for diskless clients to autoconfigure their IP parameters during boot

Answer: Answer: A B

Question 5

A packet sourced from is destined for the internet. 

C. 2 

Answer: Answer: B

Question 6

Which advantage does the network assurance capability of Cisco DNA Center provide over traditional campus management? 

A.Cisco DNA Center correlates information from different management protocols to obtain insights, and traditional campus management requires manual analysis.
B.Cisco DNA Center handles management tasks at the controller to reduce the load on infrastructure devices, and traditional campus management uses the data backbone. 
C.Cisco DNA Center leverages YANG and NETCONF to assess the status of fabric and nonfabric devices, and traditional campus management uses CLI exclusivel
D.Cisco DNA Center automatically compares security postures among network devices, and traditional campus management needs manual comparisons. 

Answer: Answer: C

Question 7

When a switch receives a frame for an unknown destination MAC address, how is the frame handled?

A. broadcast to all ports on the switch
B. flooded to all ports except the origination port
C. forwarded to the first available port
D.inspected and dropped by the switch

Answer: Answer: D

Question 8

The network administrator must prevent the switch Cat9K-2 IP address from being visible in LLDP without disabling the protocol. Which action must be taken must be taken to complete the task? 

A. Configure the no lldp tlv-select-management-address command globally on Cat9K-2 
B. Configure the no lldp transmit command on interface G1/0/21 in Cat9K-1
C. Configure the no lldp receive command on interface G1/0/21 on Cat9K-1
D. Configure the no lldp mac-phy-cfg command globally on Cat9K-2 

Answer: Answer: A

Question 9

What is the purpose of configuring different levels of syslog for different devices on the network?

A. to rate-limit messages for different seventy levels from each device
B. to set the severity of syslog messages from each device 
C. to identify the source from which each syslog message originated
D.to control the number of syslog messages from different devices that are stored locally 

Answer: Answer: B

Question 10

Under which condition is TCP preferred over UDP? 

A. UDP is used when low latency is optimal, and TCP is used when latency is tolerable.
B. TCP is used when dropped data is more acceptable, and UDP is used when data is accepted outof-order
C.TCP is used when data reliability is critical, and UDP is used when missing packets are acceptable
D.UDP is used when data is highly interactive, and TCP is used when data is time-sensitive.

Answer: Answer: C