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Question 1

A development team recently deployed a new version of a web application to production After the release, penetration testing revealed a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could
expose user data
Which AWS service will mitigate this issue?

A. AWS Shield Standard 
C. Elastic Load Balancing 
D. Amazon Cognito 

Answer: B

Question 2

A company is using an AWS KMS customer master key (CMK) with imported key material The company references the CMK by its alias in the Java application to encrypt data The
CMK must be rotated every 6 months
What is the process to rotate the key?

A. Enable automatic key rotation for the CMK and specify a period of 6 months 
B. Create a new CMK with new imported material, and update the key alias to point to the new CMK. 
C. Delete the current key material, and import new material into the existing CMK 
D. Import a copy of the existing key material into a new CMK as a backup, and set the rotation schedule for 6 months 

Answer: B

Question 3

A company manages an application that uses Amazon ElastiCache for Redis with two extra-large nodes spread across two different Availability Zones. The company's IT team
discovers that the ElastiCache for Redis cluster has 75% freeable memory. The application must maintain high availability.
What is the MOST cost-effective way to resize the cluster?

A. Decrease the number of nodes in the ElastiCache for Redis cluster from 2 to 1. 
B. Deploy a new ElastiCache for Redis cluster that uses large node types. Migrate the data from the original cluster to the new cluster. After the process is complete, shut down the original duster. 
C. Deploy a new ElastiCache for Redis cluster that uses large node types. Take a backup from the original cluster, and restore the backup in the new cluster. After the process iscomplete, shut down the original cluster. 
D. Perform an online resizing for the ElastiCache for Redis cluster. Change the node types from extra-large nodes to large nodes. 

Answer: B

Question 4

While setting up an AWS managed VPN connection, a SysOps administrator creates a customer gateway resource in AWS The customer gateway device resides in a data center
with a NAT gateway in front of it
What address should be used to create the customer gateway resource?

A. The private IP address of the customer gateway device 
B. The MAC address of the NAT device in front of the customer gateway device 
C. The public IP address of the customer gateway device 
D. The public IP address of the NAT device in front of the customer gateway device 

Answer: D

Question 5

A company is testing Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) as a solution for analyzing system logs from a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. During the test phase, the domain operates on a single-node cluster. A SysOps administrator needs to transition the test domain into a highly available production-grade deployment.
Which Amazon ES configuration should the SysOps administrator use to meet this requirement?

A. Use a cluster of four data nodes across two AWS Regions. Deploy four dedicated master nodes in each Region. 
B. Use a cluster of six data nodes across three Availability Zones. Use three dedicated master nodes. 
C. Use a cluster of six data nodes across three Availability Zones. Use six dedicated master nodes. 
D. Use a cluster of eight data nodes across two Availability Zones. Deploy four master nodes in a failover AWS Region. 

Answer: B