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Question 1

In Azure DevOps, you create Project3.You need to meet the requirements of the project.What should you do first?

A. From Azure DevOps, create a service endpoint.
B. From SonarQube, obtain an authentication token.
C. From Azure DevOps, modify the build definition.
D. From SonarQube, create a project. 

Answer: A

Question 2

You are designing an Azure DevOps strategy for your company’s development team.You suspect that the team’s productivity is low due to accumulate technical debt.You need to recommend a metric to assess the amount of the team’s technical debt.What should you recommend?

A. the number of code modules in an application
B. the number of unit test failures
C. the percentage of unit test failures
D. the percentage of overall time spent on rework

Answer: D

Question 3

You have an Azure DevOps organization named Contoso and art Azure subscription The subscription contains an Azure virtual machine scale set named VMSS1 that is configured for autoscaling.You use Azure DevOps to build a web app named Appl and deploy Appl to VMSS1. Appl is used heavily and has usage patterns that vary on a weekly basis.You need to recommend a solution to detect an abnormal rise in the rate of failed requests to Appl. The solution must minimize administrative effort.What should you include in the recommendation?

A. an Azure Service Health alert
B. the Failures feature in Azure Application Insights
C. the Smart Detection feature m Azure Application Insights
D. an Azure Monitor alert that uses an Azure Log Analytics query

Answer: C

Question 4

Your company implements an Agile development methodology.You plan to implement retrospectives at the end of each sprint.Which three questions should you include? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Who performed well?
B. Who should have performed better?
C. What could have gone better?
D. What went well?
E. What should we try next?

Answer: B,C,E

Question 5

You plan to create a project in Azure DevOps. Multiple developers will work on the project. The developers will work offline frequently and will require access to the full project history while they are offline.Which version control solution should you use?

A. TortotseSVN
B. Team Foundation Version Control
C. Subversion
D. Git

Answer: D

Question 6

You have a containerized solution that runs in Azure Container Instances. The solution contains a frontend container named App1 and a backend container named DB1. DB1 loads a large amount of data during startup.You need to verify that DB1 can handle incoming requests before users can submit requests to Appl.What should you configure?

A. a Iiveness probe
B. an Azure Load Balancer health probe
C. a readiness probe
D. a performance log

Answer: C

Question 7

You need to execute inline testing of an Azure DevOps pipeline that uses a Docker deployment model. The solution must prevent the results from being published to the pipeline.What should you use for the inline testing?

A. a single stage Dockerfile
B. an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) pod
C. a multi-stage Dockerfile
D. a Docker Compose file

Answer: B

Question 8

You have a Microsoft ASP.NET Core web app in Azure that is accessed worldwide.You need to run a URL ping test once every five minutes and create an alert when the web app is unavailable from specific Azure regions. The solution must minimize development time.What should you do?

A. Create an Azure Application Insights availability test and alert.
B. Create an Azure Service Health alert for the specific regions.
C. Create an Azure Monitor Availability metric and alert
D. Write an Azure function and deploy the function to the specific regions.

Answer: A

Question 9

You are creating a build pipeline in Azure Pipelines.You define several tests that might fail due to third-party applications.You need to ensure that the build pipeline completes successfully if the third-party applications are unavailable.What should you do?

A. Configure the build pipeline to use parallel jobs
B. Configure flaky tests
C. Increase the test pass percentage
D. Add the Requirements quality widget to your dashboard

Answer: D

Question 10

You have an existing project in Azure DevOps.You plan to integrate GitHub as the repository for the projectYou need to ensure that Azure Pipelines runs under the Azure Pipelines identityWhich authentication mechanism should you use?

A. GitHubApp
B. OAuth
C. personal access token (PAT)
D. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Answer: A