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Question 1

Which statement about the FortiSIEM management extension is correct?  

A. Allows you to manage the entire life cycle of a threat or breach. 
B. Its use of the available disk space is capped at 50%. 
C. It requires a licensed FortiSIEM supervisor. 
D. It can be installed as a dedicated VM. 

Answer: A

Question 2

What happens when the IOC breach detection engine on FortiAnalyzer finds web logs that match a blocklisted IP address?

A. The endpoint is marked as Compromised and. optionally, can be put in quarantine. 
B. FortiAnalyzer flags the associated host for further analysis. 
C. A new Infected entry is added for the corresponding endpoint. 
D. The detection engine classifies those logs as Suspicious 

Answer: A

Question 3

Which statement about sending notifications with incident updates is true? 

A. Notifications can be sent only when an incident is created or deleted. 
B. You must configure an output profile to send notifications by email. 
C. Each incident can send notifications to a single external platform. 
D. Each connector used can have different notification settings. 

Answer: : D

Question 4

What is the purpose of trigger variables? 

A. To display statistics about the playbook runtime 
B. To use information from the trigger to filter the action in a task 
C. To provide the trigger information to make the playbook start running 
D. To store the start times of playbooks with On_Schedule triggers 

Answer: B

Question 5

Which SQL query is in the correct order to query the database in the FortiAnslyzer? 

A. SELECT devid FROM Slog GROOP BY devid WHERE * user' =* USERl' 
B. SELECT devid WHERE 'u3er'='USERl' FROM $ log GROUP BY devid 
C. SELECT devid FROM Slog- WHERE *user' =' USERl' GROUP BY devid 
D. FROM Slog WHERE 'user* =' USERl' SELECT devid GROUP BY devid

Answer: C

Question 6

Which two statements are correct regarding the export and import of playbooks? (Choose two.)

A. You can export only one playbook at a time. 
B. You can import a playbook even if there is another one with the same name in the destination. 
C. Playbooks can be exported and imported only within the same FortiAnaryzer. 
D. A playbook that was disabled when it was exported, will be disabled when it is imported. 

Answer: B, D

Question 7

A playbook contains five tasks in total. An administrator runs the playbook and four out of five tasks finish successfully, but one task fails. What will be the status of the playbook after it is run?

A. Running
B. Failed 
C. Upstream_failed
D. Success 

Answer: B

Question 8

Which statement describes a dataset in FortiAnalyzer? 

They determine what data is retrieved from the database. 
They provide the layout used for reports.
They are used to set the data included in templates.
They define the chart types to be used in reports.

Answer: A

Question 9

What is the purpose of using prefilters when configuring event handlers?

A. They limit which logs are checked for matches by the other filters
B. They can filter the logs before they are processed by FortiAnalyzer 
C. They download new filters to be used in event handlers.
D. They are common filters applied simultaneously to all event handlers.

Answer: A

Question 10

After generating a report, you notice the information you were expecting to see is not included in it. What are two possible reasons for this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. You enabled auto-cache with extended log filtering.
B. The logfiled service has not indexed all the expected logs.
C. The logs were overwritten by the data retention policy. 
D. The time frame selected in the report is wrong. 

Answer: B, C