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Question 1

An administrator notices one of the VMs hosting an application server is consuming more CPU resources over time. As a result, the host is running near 90% CPU capacity at peak time. Which of the following is the BEST method to alleviate this issue while minimizing downtime?

 A. Online storage migration 
B. Online migration to a new host 
C. Upgrade the host CPU to increase resources 
D. Add a new virtual CPU 

Answer: B

Question 2

Which of the following uses the business model of shared resources in a cloud environment? 

A. Elasticity 
B. Self-serve 
C. Cloud bursting 
D. Multi-tenancy 

Answer: D

Question 3

Management has implemented a policy which states that the OS, the swap file, and data must each reside on its own disk. The virtualization administrator has deployed a VM from a template that has one virtual disk configured. Which of the following steps MUST the administrator take to comply with policy? 

A. Add two virtual disks to the VM 
B. Create two partitions on the existing virtual disk 
C. Create three partitions on the existing virtual disk
 D. Add three virtual disks to the VM 

Answer: A

Question 4

Which of the following could an administrator perform to restore confidential data housed within a VM server in case the data becomes corrupted or overwritten? 

A. Weekly image backups 
B. Snapshots backups 
C. Daily image backups 
D. Daily file backups 

Answer: D

Question 5

Which of the following is the correct subnet mask for a VM with an IP address configuration of 


Answer: C

Question 6

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) has established a budget for the IT department that allows for 30% of the company‚Äôs IT infrastructure to be upgraded on an annual basis. The engineer in the IT department must identify which equipment requires immediate attention for upgrades, which equipment can function in the near term, and which equipment can be considered in the long term for upgrades. Which of the following describes the policy the engineer must develop? 

A. Configuration management plan 
B. System management plan 
C. Asset maintenance plan 
D. Life cycle management plan 

Answer: D

Question 7

An administrator notices that the mouse does not perform as expected within a VM. Which of the following might improve the performance of the mouse? 

A. Install a 64-bit OS within the guest. 
B. Enable USB port mapping. 
C. Replace the mouse on the host server. 
D. Install the virtualization guest software. 

Answer: D

Question 8

Which of the following provides a company with the BEST equipment to minimize downtime in the event of catastrophic damage to their main datacenter? 

A. Warm site 
B. Offsite storage 
C. Hot site 
D. Cold site 

Answer: C

Question 9

Users report that they are unable to access the Internet. The network administrator notices spikes of traffic during the outage reports. Which of the following will MOST likely need to be upgraded to allow more traffic and will help avoid further outages? 

A. MAN connections
 B. Bandwidth 
C. Latency
 D. LAN connections 

Answer: B

Question 10

A hypervisor host that has two fibre-channel ports needs to be connected to a storage array that has four fibre-channel ports. How many zones should be created for maximum redundancy?

 A. 1 
B. 2 
C. 4 
D. 8 

Answer: B